Resolution 2022


Sat 7 May 7.30pm
Gabriella Engdahl - The Normal World
Within the setting of a swimming pool, The Normal World follows four characters as they explore the façades humans hide behind, social norms and desirable superficiality.

Dom Czapski & Jamie Hamilton - Waiting Music
Waiting Music is an experimental music-theatre work devised using ideas drawn from music composition, dance-theatre, poetry, and literature. It is a feverish and dream-like auditory experience synthesising sound and image.

Liam Francis - Where to Start?
Notions of anger, compassion and identity are unpacked in this coming of age duet, which sees them tear themselves apart in efforts to share how they feel.

Tue 10 May 7.30pm
Laura Moy - Footprint in the Snow
Drawing on the surreal experience of touring contemporary circus whilst facing the daily disorientation of debilitating traumatic grief, Footprint in the Snow weaves use of Chinese pole and aerial into a bespoke soundscore.

Stošija Zrinski - Dwelling Place Episode 2
Dwelling Place Episode 2 explores the possibilities of expression through the urban fantasy genre. How can the respective genre be embodied and communicated through various media?

Bold Mellon Collective - KLAZO
Bold Mellon’s KLAZO is a raw, autobiographical dive into contrasting experiences of the onset of Tourette’s Syndrome.

Wed 11 May 7.30pm
Hannah Finn - Chochma ‎חוכמה
Using contortion, spoken word, physical theatre and contemporary dance, Hannah draws on the strength of her female Jewish ancestors and their incredible stories of survival to regain her own power.

Marita Anastasi - Archive 2.0
Archive 2.0 is a continuation of Archive, an inquiry of navigating the present through memory. How long can we hold onto something? When is it time to let go, if ever? And if we let go, what happens next?

Engholm Danseteater - Stories of Belonging
Immerse yourself in a poetic blend of sensory movements, story time telling and live, folky melodies when Engholm Danseteater interprets stories about belonging to a place, to a person, to a tribe and to yourself.

Thu 12 May 7.30pm
Anna Alvarez - Where Are My Glasses?
Gritty dance theatre using autobiographical narrative, illustration and an original score to give voice to the experience of domestic abuse.

Kashish Gaba - Abide Me
This dance theatre performance is a collaboration between various alien artists who have arrived at the theatre to TAKE OVER! Abide Me explores themes around identity, race and immigration.

Angelina Gorgaeva - Three Sisters.Between the lines
Three Sisters.Between the lines is a contemporary dance performance inspired by Anton Chekhov’s play ‘Three Sisters’.

Fri 13 May 7.30pm
Paris Crossley - R3 - Rewire, Rewiring, Rewired
R3 is an abstract performance art piece portraying embodied neuroplasticity in reference to an identification shift from ‘dancer’ to ‘movement artist’.

SpotFlowCollective - RIMANI (if you can)
The piece explores the notion of love in a dystopic futuristic reality where relationships are no longer relevant or needed.

Instigate Unknown - UNREST
The earth beneath them bubbles, can they stay still, slow down and ignore the building tension? Instigate Unknown presents UNREST, a fast paced, energetic movement response to the sounds of Filastine.

Sat 14 May 7.30pm
Marta Swierczynska - THE BASE
Through a simple concept of a drummer THE BASE explores things that keep us going in life amongst the chaos and uncertainty.

Ascension Dance Company - Resilient
Resilient is a dynamic dance duet that is reflective on the coronavirus pandemic, the collective strength of humanity and the loss felt by the UK creative industry.

Jayde Edwards - Submerge
Using hip hop influences and contemporary movement, Submerge explores an abstracted narrative of a collective seeking to escape the depths of the ocean.

Tue 17 May 7.30pm
Alice Labant and Gordon Raeburn - Rebooted Facets
This work is about heritage and is inspired by the Surrealist will to highlight the fragmented functioning of the human mind.

EQ Dance Co - Sancturary (Excerpt)
Sanctuary looks at the universal needs that all humans search for: sanctuary in others, human connection and community.

Rosie Russell - This has been my TED Talk…
Rosie becomes the subject of her own experiment to discover and explore what makes her tick. A humorous tale about what it is to be a human and a TED Talk unlike any other you will have seen before.

Wed 18 May 7.30pm
REFLECTIONS is a contemporary dance duet inspired by memories of a young disabled child living on a boat in the jungle in Cambodia.

Karlo Company - Now & Then
This dance duet portrays two physical bodies in the expression of one person. This person will appear as they stand now and as things stood then.

Ester Natzijl Projects - Finding Grace
Drawing on extensive research and interviews with people from a wide variety of backgrounds, the project is a secular exploration of what the concept of 'Grace' means.

Thu 19 May 7.30pm
Dogstar Dance Theater/Anna Dunlop - Prairie Winters
Prairie Winters is the culmination of research into states of exhaustion in performance. What happens when the body has been stripped of its layers of protection?

Teresa Skamletz - Wet Bit of Sand
Exploring affection and intimacy in women loving women couples ‘Wet Bit of Sand’ invites you into a quiet and tender space of queer desire.

Simona Scotto in collaboration with Counterpoint Dance Company - Say My Name
Say My Name is a dance theatre piece which speaks about a woman becoming invisible as she ages and slowly disappears, losing more value once her ability to procreate ceases.

Fri 20 May 7.30pm
Courtney McCarthy - Sketch
Situated in a monochrome world, Georgia and Tilly encounter a curious yet playful interaction with one another and their animated replicates who act as a reflection, a shadow and a memory…

Chandenie Gobardhan - CREATOR
Driven by Trimurti a cycle of creation, preservation and destruction, this work explores the careful consideration, detail and intricacy that is required in a phase of creating.

Matthew Harding - Every1 Knows Nothing
This piece contains Hip Hop and contemporary vocabulary which explores the personal journeys of receiving information, and the trance like state that viewing this can induce as a result.

Sat 21 May 7.30pm
Giulia Roversi | muZo Dance Theatre Company - WALLPAPER
Staged in a living room during the 60s, WALLPAPER lets audiences experience a tranche de vie during the economic boom which created new lifestyles.

Joshua Harriette | Lab_13 - The Lite of Spring
Choreographed solely with light. Bodies have been sacrificed. Music by Stravinsky.

Stephanie D. Handjiiska & Elena Marinova | Man with a Hat - 84 Dials
84 Dials is a humorous dance piece where dancers have mutated into confident dance brokers. 84 Dials asks the question: What is the market value of dance?

Tue 24 May 7.30pm
Bodies In Action - IMPOSTER
This work revolves around the idea of never being good enough, which unfortunately affects the creative minds of artists of all realms, dancers, and LGBTQIA+ people who are coming to terms with their identity.

Laura Calcagno - Winter Tears
An autobiographical exploration of memories, feelings and lies, this solo tells a story of uncertainty, distress and bittersweet emotions.

Tough Boys Dance Collective - DJ as Witness
Using contemporary movement with hip hop influences, this high intensity trio is driven by the power of the DJ’s electronic sound and charged bodies to venture into a textured club landscape.

Wed 25 May 7.30pm
Christine Sollie - Tracing Waves
Through textural qualities of water, this piece explores concepts of fluidity, repetition, chaos, response, embeddedness and relationality.

SLiDE - Crosswor(l)ds
Three young male performers, from their unique perspectives, attempt to discover the rules of the game moving from meticulous planning to improvised chaos and everything in between. Can they make any sense of it and their place within it?

Grand Gesture - Coming of Age
Coming of Age examines the ageing body from an intergenerational perspective. Is there really a generation gap? Or are there experiences and revelations that are shared?

Thu 26 May 7.30pm
Mara Vivas - Nothingness
Nothingness is a reflection on our perception of space as we trace the borders of nothingness: a celebration of the minutiae of the everyday and our sense of community.

Lawrie Smail / (IMBECILES) - A Hideous Monstrous Verminous Creature
This work takes inspiration from Franz Kafka’s novel The Metamorphosis and explores its contents as a metaphor for the physicalisation of depression and mental break down.

Vertebra Theatre - Electra Untitled

An adaptation of the Greek tragedy Electra, Electra: Untitled sees the title character as a modern antihero; tangled in violence that runs for generations of patriarchal suppression.

Fri 27 May 7.30pm
Billy Morgan - the view from here
This work is a poetry reading set in motion. Billy Morgan folds their recent erotic, rhetorical and lyrical fictions into an intimate sculptural composition.

Joel O'Donoghue - Gut
Set onboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship and inside the gut, this work is an investigation into the connection between the brain and gut, particularly how the digestive system reacts to trauma.

Sam Burkett Dance - You're Alright
Set to a soundtrack of early grunge and electronic music, You’re Alright blends dance, comedy, and a splash of physical theatre to take you through the good, the bad, and the cringe of realising new things about old friends.

Sat 28 May 7.30pm
Solomon Berrio-Allen - The Possibility
Have you faced your tug of war? The Possibility opens the doors to what could be under our nose as our eyes look everywhere else for answers.

Iolanda Portogallo - IO
IO is a surrealistic land within three people. What you witness is their journey to relate and exist filled with playfulness and curiosity to know themselves and the world around them.

Brooke Milliner - Psyche
Bringing together some of the UK’s most exciting Hip-Hop artists, Brooke Milliner’s latest work tackles the unspoken challenges of the male psyche.

Mon 30 May 7.30pm
Payal Ramchandani - Just Enough Madness
Just Enough Madness is a solo work in the Indian dance style of Kuchipudi that questions the popular definition of ‘normal’ in the context of mental health.

Elettra Giunta - To Hold My Love
To Hold My Love unravels the journeys of five womxn, experiencing moments of vulnerability and delicacy all whilst searching for empowerment and strength.

Follow Through Collective - Being at Hand
Being at Hand explores physical and cognitive connectedness, unleashing our mind’s potential by accessing our imagination and physical memories.

Tue 31 May 7.30pm
Miriam Levy - I Can't Work Under These Conditions
By emerging choreographer Miriam Levy, this piece takes a witty look at the intersections of confidence and gender expression.

House of Mirth - Portrait of a Wrestler
Told through the personal testimonies of some of the discipline’s most acclaimed performers, Portrait of a Wrestler takes a closer look at the stagecraft of professional wrestling to propose a reading of the form as choreographic practice.

Casper Dillen - Orfeo
Orfeo builds on a tradition of depicting the myth of Orpheus as an allegory for ecological and political disaster.

Tue 7 Jun 7.30pm
Hsing-Ya - BLACK & WHITE
Using contemporary dance, balloon, live music and a blend of traditional Taiwanese and western contemporary music, Hysing Ya seeks to unearth her roots and to express her personal experience of an east/west culture clash.

Hannah Grace - SACRED AWAKENING: This Is Not My Skin
Through movement and song, This Is Not My Skin allows the audience to witness a journey of two female-inhabiting people become aware of and release their patriarchal conditioning, or ‘skins’ that aren’t theirs.

Emma Stanworth - th\ud
Weaving, intersecting, and meeting. th\ud explores the parallels between the tides, and the encounters we have between each other.

Wed 8 Jun 7.30pm
Hannah Connor and Nadine Elise Muncey - Landscape No. 8
This duet explores serenity and connectivity within the mind and body. Finding energy. Unearthing different states of being. Realising the present moment.

Anhelo Collective - Anhelando
Playful and sensitive, Anhelando is an expression of how dance and friendship help us to reimagine how we can be together.

ella|ella with MOŸ MOŸ collective - Matter of Course
On stage two dancers, two musicians and the spectators navigate ways to exist in the space together and separately. The show asks can you find the origin of something vaguely familiar in a different reality to yours?

Thu 9 Jun 7.30pm – This is a relaxed performance, visit here to find out more.
Colleen Bartley | Beithe Movement Collective - surface tension of the unknown
This is a structured improvisation with a dancer, choreographer and musician. Together with the audience, they will collectively experience an unfolding exploration of movement, sound, space, bodies and objects.

Serena Ruth and Franziska Boehm - A study on sounding
From slow, subtle moments which feel vulnerable and shaky, to bold bouts of rage which are loud expressions of unadulterated truth, A study on sounding proposes permission; to feel without shame, to sense with greater respect, and to sound with truth always.

Katie Serridge - Shallow Water Waves
Shallow Water Waves uses expansive, delicate movement, spoken word and an other-worldly soundscape to confront existing norms with a willingness, certainty and insistence for change.

Fri 10 Jun 7.30pm
Monica Tolia - A snake in the house means the family will never want a snake in the house means the family will never want is a multi-sensory performance transporting the audience into the intimate world of Asian diasporic visions for the future.

Nimi Collective - STILL falling from zero
STILL falling from zero is a multidisciplinary performance in conversation between the moving bodies and the progressive sounds.

AURA - 7 ≈ 8A
7 ≈ 8 is the culmination of profound introspection and the courage to deconstruct and reconstruct one's own history, while sharing it.

The Place, 17 Duke’s Rd, London, WC1H 9PY 

7 May to 10 Jun, Tues – Sat 7.30pm 

£16 (£12conc.) | 020 7121 1100 |